Standardizing Fish Fillet Portions

Frozen fish fillets pieces are often further processed for instance battered and breaded. They may lack consistency when it comes to thickness and/or surface as big fillets are normally only cut according to weight. Irregular surface leads to irregular pick up of batter and breading. Irregular thickness to different cooking times – all challenges familiar to the food service industry.

In addition fish raised in aquaculture is not raised to fully reach the optimum feed-meat ratio but is harvested before that to comply with the requirements of the food industry for a certain portion weight. When using the shaping process for fish pieces these yield losses can be avoided.

All fish fillets can be cut to single fillet portions only by looking at the required weight. Standardizing these weight controlled single frozen fish portions then gives the shape customer expects, ensures a defined pick up of batter and breading as well as even cooking time.

The process has many advantages

  • The texture is preserved to an unparalleled degree
  • High shape stability, even after cooking
  • Defined cooking times and controlled batter and breading pickup
  • Higher yield