Shaping And Sizing Blanks

Deep frozen blocks with a standard weight of 7.5 kg are well-known from the fish industry. These are divided as required into portions (e.g. fingers). Similar blocks can also be made from poultry meat.
Non calibrated cuts, whole breast fillets or leg cuts can be frozen into a block.
This block is then portioned by weight into blanks.

There is a wide variety of possible contours: fillets, steaks, burgers, in 50 g or 100 g portions.
Even real 3D shapes present no problem.
Finger food in a wide variety of forms like nuggets, bites or fantasy shapes can also be produced from the blanks.
Specific contours can be developed on customer request.

The process has many advantages

  • Extremely high yield level
  • Whole muscle texture
  • High shape stability, even after cooking
  • Defined cooking times and controlled batter and breading pickup
  • Stability of the shapes facilitates their safe automatic transport to downstream units
  • High degree of automation
  • Fast reaction to market needs