Shaping Poultry Pieces

Small cuts, of insufficient weight for a portion, can be used in this process, as well as bigger cuts assembled together to form a new portion of for instance 300g.

A number of pieces, selected to make up the target weight, are shaped into one portion in the desired form with regard to contour and portion thickness. In contrast to traditional forming processes, the amount of comminuted meat is negligible.

There is a wide variety of possible contours: fillets, steaks, burgers, 50 g, 100 g or 300 g portions,
in near-natural or fantasy shapes. Real 3D shapes present no problem. Specific contours can be developed on customer request.

The process has many advantages:

  • Extremely high yield level
  • The texture of the meat is preserved to an unparalleled degree
  • Defined cooking time and controlled batter and breading pickup
  • Stability of the shapes facilitates their safe automatic transport to downstream units