Standardizing Whole Muscle Portions

Standardizing means a dramatically reduced level of trim and thus level of downgraded valuable meat. What we are talking about is giving a whole muscle portion the shape and weight desired and doing this with an incomparable yield level. The resulting portion is true whole muscle. This is not so-called whole muscle forming, where fillets are converted to portions consisting of more than one piece.
The process integrates the advantages of forming, i.e. repeatable portion size and shape, high yield and high process efficiency, with the advantages of true whole muscle portioning that is the natural whole muscle piece.
Frozen true whole muscle pieces, calibrated by weight, are individually shaped to the contour and portion thickness desired by the customer.
Pieces can be derived from poultry breast fillets, deboned leg meat, etc..
There is a wide variety of possible contours: fillets, steaks, burgers, 50 g or 100 g portions, in near-natural or fantasy shapes. Even real 3D shapes present no problem. Specific contours can be developed on customer request.


  • Extremely high yield level
  • One portion consists of one piece
  • The texture of the meat is preserved to an unparalleled degree
  • High shape stability, even after cooking
  • Defined cooking time and controlled batter and breading pickup
  • Stability of the shapes facilitates their safe automatic transport to downstream units