Shaping Pre-Cooked Portions

Portioning pre-cooked tuna loins for further canning or pouch-filling can be optimized with an entirely new setting.

Think in new ways and think differently. Nienstedt is your trusted partner to implement an innovative solution for processing of tuna loins. The holistic approach begins with the end product. On the basis of the product dimensions tuna blocks are designed, suitable to be cut to weight calibrated portions which are then shaped to the desired contours.

Elsewhere, tuna loins are bundled, thawed out and are subsequently pressed for final packaging. Considerable drawbacks resulting from this process are common knowledge: Fluid and thus yield losses, crumbly texture while reducing quality and net weight of packaged product varying significantly. While facing the challenges of sustainable sourcing, consistent optimum processing should contribute to a mutual reliable and authentic final product.

Applying the Nienstedt way of portioning means:

  • Portions fitting into customized cans with multiple variety of forms and sizes
  • Perfect portion control of weight and contour
  • Minimum fluid losses
  • Extremely high quality of the shape with defined flake structure
  • Process open to various special requirements
  • Extremely high yield level
  • Stability of the shapes for efficient transport to downstream units