Log Saw PC 2100

To cut frozen blocks to logs with a capacity of up to 24 cuts/min. In the standard execution the minimum cutting width is 40 mm; with a special additional device it can be reduced to 15 mm.


  • Highest automation level due to PLC-based systems
  • User-friendly color touch panel
  • Servo technology for precise cutting
  • Minimum cutting width of 40 mm (down to 15 mm cut as special variation)
  • Easily adaptable to new cutting schemes
  • High safety and hygienic standards
  • Remote service via Internet

Additional Components

  • Special device for minimum cutting width of 10mm
  • Log trimmer
  • Log turner
  • Special safety device when used as stand alone machine
  • Special device for cube cutting (when part of an automated line)
  • Special device for cutting two short logs per stroke

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