Special Sawing Systems

Our special sawing systems are used when one type of product is produced on a production line. Our Yieldplus Fish Finger Lines have earned a firm position in the foodstuff industry. Up to three tons of fingers sawn per hour on these lines and then handed off to the breading machines.

Large block processors throughout the world use this technology to remain competitive in the commodity market for fish fingers.

The dedicated Fish Bake Line is another high-performance system which can saw up to 8 blocks per minute into portions, which are then topped with the well-known toppings.

The Shaper Line is composed of two components: first the fish blocks are sawed into blanks with the required weight according to an optimized cutting pattern. These blanks are then automatically transferred to the Food Shaper and then formed into the desired shapes – such as filets or steaks. These are then transferred to the breading machines, which usually follow.

The following applies to all lines

  • Unsurpassed yield from one fish block
  • Process is unmatched process safety
  • Low standard deviation of the portion weights
  • Extremely high level of automation
  • Latest in control technology
  • Easy to operate
  • Remote service and maintenance via Internet

All lines can be combined with